• Earl and Tami Hammons

Our Emphasis on Missions

Missions Ministry Launch

The month of March was a time for mission emphasis. We began the month by teaching and preaching about the Great Commission. Our goal is to be a healthy New Testament church; therefore, we launched our faith promise giving to support missions. We have installed a world map and a missions offering box on the wall in our auditorium.

Our first mission project to financially support will be a ministry located in the capital. In order to launch this effort, we invited Pastor Kendar and his family to join us for the weekend. On Saturday, they presented their ministry to our Seminary students and also taught on spiritual leadership. Sunday was a highlight with a great challenge given to do more with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we are officially a church supporting missionary efforts.

Missions Trip

In order to not only give to missions, we planned a mission trip deep into the mountains. We began the trip by attending a worship service in Constanza. The room rented was not large enough to hold everyone. Therefore, I seized the opportunity to share the gospel on the street while others were listening to the sermon. Praise the Lord a young man by the name of “Octavo” prayed to receive Christ.

The next morning, we drove 4 hours on the mountain road to arrive in a community called “Vallecito”. The road was so rough at times; I did not think we were going to make it. We had 10 people in the pick-up truck and many roads were very dangerous, but praise be to God we survived and the gospel was presented to this community.

Upon arrival, I noticed the children were staring at me more than normal. I discovered that I was the first foreigner to visit and spend the night in their community. It was a great opportunity to share the gospel and to show the Jesus film. The people were very eager to hear.

Thanks again for your prayers and support! We are so blessed to have your help as we spread the hope and Gospel of Jesus Christ! We will be flying back to the states in May to attend our youngest daughter’s (Morgan) graduation from college. This will also begin our time of furlough. Next month will be our 4 year anniversary of living full time in the Dominican Republic. We look forward to sharing all that God has done.

Earl, Tami, Megan and Morgan Hammons

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