• Earl and Tami Hammons

Exciting Times for Hammons Mission

July 20, 2018

Sunday Night Evangelistic Concert

We are so proud of the national leadership of Barrio Nuevo to lead this effort. The musicians and children prepared for many months. All praise to God for the tremendous attendance of many fathers, uncles, and grandfathers who came for the very first time. I was able to give a clear presentation of the Gospel and many heard for the first time.

Vacation Bible School

A group from First Baptist Church Wylie, Texas and Pastor Kasey Summerer from Forest Grove blessed us with tremendous encouragement and help to conduct our annual Bible School. We were overwhelmed with the blessings of the week. Each day after lunch we had teams evangelizing in the Barrio and several work teams. Much was accomplished and the team left a lasting impression on our church family.

Ministry Vehicle: Need $5500

After intensive research we have discovered that we must increase our purchase price for our ministry van. In order to obtain reliable transportation we must add $5500 to our fund raising need. We have found an available option. Therefore, please consider this investment to expand our effectiveness in the Barrio and surrounding areas of the country. Seminary

We just concluded our summer semester and the students were challenged to obtain more wisdom and knowledge of the Bible! We are training the future ministry leaders of this country. We will begin our fall semester on September 1st. And we are so thankful for the INSTEP (International Education Program) of Louisiana Baptist University for their guidance and resources! Thank you, Dr. Weaver and Dr. Crooke!

May God bless you for your faithful prayers and financial support! Earl, Tami, Megan and Morgan Hammons

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