• Earl and Tami Hammons



We have prayed and sought God’s will to purchase the house that is located just 10 feet away from our ministry center. The owner has approached us with the opportunity to purchase this house. My assistant Kelvis and his family will use this home as a ministry base located right next door.

This house will accomplish three main goals:

  1. To have a greater evangelical presence on this side of the community for counseling, evangelism and ministry impact.

  2. To secure the future of our ministry efforts in Barrio Nuevo.

  3. To reduce the risk of theft from our facility.

The amount we need to raise is $25,000 and God has already provided $10,000. Therefore we need an additional, $15,000.

1 Donation @ $5000 1 Donation @ $2500 5 Donations @ $1000 5 Donations @ $500 $15,000

Would you pray about joining this tremendous ministry investment? There is no greater way to “pay it forward” than to invest in God’s faithful servants. This family has proven to be faithful and trustworthy! Please go to our website to make a donation:

Our ministry efforts are making a great impact on the community. The children in our Development Center are bringing their parents and neighbors. One father who is attending has cancer and he is currently receiving Chemo Therapy. Please pray for Ramon’s healing. Our youth group is growing as well. The new students and professor in the Seminary are fully committed and they are a great addition to our effectiveness. We are seeing the fruit of encouragement in the lives of the Pastor’s we are training and the church leaders. Sunday night I preached in a Haitian church. The Pastor speaks Spanish, so I preached in Spanish and he translated into Creole. It was a mighty movement of God in this place as I encouraged the people to be the “light of their world” (Matthew 5:14-16) During this time of the year, Tami and I want you to know how much we appreciate your faithful support and prayers!

May God bless you and Thank you! Earl, Tami, Megan and Morgan!

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