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Graduation, Ordination and Evangelization

Updated: Mar 9

Dear Ministry Partners,


Although Coronavirus stopped us from having a formal graduation ceremony, we are so happy to report that we have five students who completed their Associate of Arts degree in Biblical Studies. We began working with these students in the fall of 2017 on a part time schedule and now they have completed this first degree. Four of these students have the goal of continuing to earn their bachelor’s degree in Biblical studies and leadership.


After 5 years of mentorship, observation and completing his first degree, Kelvis Almonte was officially confirmed and ordained by the ordination council of pastors and church members. He has matured in the faith, his personal and family life to qualify for the office of pastor. We are so proud of this next step in our ministry in order to train more leaders, lead more to salvation in Christ and disciple in the pure doctrine of the Word of God.


We were blessed to receive a wonderful tool to evangelize in the new area where we have started a mountain church. This gift is a battery-operated projector from the ministry of the Jesus Film Project. Now we can teach the Bible through the very valuable resources to those who can not read or write.

In addition to the battery-operated projector pack, we received 25 solar powered listening devices from “In Touch Ministries”. Each listening device has pre-recorded messages and the Word of God read in Spanish and Haitian Creole. Praise the Lord for the opportunity to reach those who are unable to read the Bible but can listen to the spoken Word of God. “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.”

God bless each of you and thank you for your faithful financial support and prayers. 

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