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Judah Church

Updated: 4 days ago

March 15,2023

Dear Ministry Partners,

We are building a new church building in the village of Judah, located just outside the city of Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic. This partner church is located 20 minutes south of the Haitian border. God is known in Judah, because the church building is packed every service. In addition to worship services, this is where one of the Seminary campuses meets every week to train leaders for the ministry.

The congregation needs help. They have already purchased the land and built the first phase of the walls. But they have exhausted their resources and God has directed me to help our partner church.

Please pray about making an eternal investment for the Glory of God!!!! You can not take anything to heaven with you, but you can leave an eternal investment for generations!

Click below to watch our new Video update!!!

Thank you for following our ministry!! You are a blessing!!!

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