Wedding 💍, COVID 😷, Mission Trip ✈️, VBS 💒, Baptism 💦🇩🇴

July 18, 2022

Dear Ministry Partners,


WEDDING: We started the month of June by celebrating our daughter Morgan’s wedding to Julian Walters. We had an incredible celebration on this special day! We are so excited to welcome Julian into our family and look forward to God blessing their marriage!

JULIAN & MORGAN ON MISSION: Also, due to the generosity of one of our financial partners, Julian and Morgan were able to serve on the mission trip! The members of the Dominican and Haitian ministry greeted them warmly and were overjoyed to see them.

COVID: After the wedding, Tami, Megan and I all came down with covid. It was a long hard 2 weeks. But praise the Lord, we finally overcame this very difficult sickness. I now realize that I am human. (just kidding, it was the worst I have ever experienced).


After having to change our return flights due to covid, and an additional unexpected flight cancellation, we arrived 2 hours prior to our mission team. It was a challenge to prepare in short notice, however, due to an outstanding staff at Barrio Nuevo, we had a very productive week.

The team at Barrio Nuevo, along with our friends from the US, held two Vacation Bible Schools at two churches. We conducted the first at Barrio Nuevo and the second was held at Yaguita Haitian Church. Several of our mission trip participants suffered from sickness during the week, however, we were able to offer a fantastic experience for all. A huge thanks to our teenagers from Barrio Nuevo church and the staff from the Child Development Center who served without complaint!

The entire week of ministry was very successful and we are very thankful for those who prayed, gave financially and followed our ministry. The Gospel was taught, lives were changed and most important, God was glorified.


We celebrated the salvation & baptism of 3 precious ladies. PTL!!!

Blessings from Santiago, D.R.!

Earl, Tami, Megan, Morgan & Julian

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